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Welcome to New and Improved® where our motto is, "Saving Money, Made Easy."

Our concept was simple right from the start. Founder and owner Maxim P. Weithers, started this program in 2003. After working in the print advertising business, he realized that there was a huge paper wastage and the flyers were not reaching maximum views or impressions. And therefore the advertiser was not realizing their full potential and value for their money. It was expensive to print the flyers compared to what we have cleverly designed here for you today. After 2 years of programming and working out the details we have finally come to the launch of our most robust and effective marketing tool that will help everyone save money quickly, and lots of it. We wanted to provide the general public with a convenient way to receive and have quick access to promotions and coupons. At the same time we wanted to offer all sizes of companies (small and medium sized companies) and services an easy way to provide their promotion or call to action offers. I believe we have made that possible with and®

Consumers: As a consumer you can easily: 1: browse through our promotions, coupons and offers from established companies. 2: select, 3: save and 4: print or 5: store your promotion in your mobile device. You can even save your selections in your private account to review and use them again at a later date. And we are developing many more great ways that you can save money in the future! Sign up for your free updates and offers.

Businesses:This has never been easier. In 5 simple steps you can: 1: create your own promotions, coupons and offers within 10 minutes. 2: your promotion will be live and working for you immediately to attract more paying customers into your shop, retail outlet, office or service. 3: easy to email and share with friends and social networks with our convenient side bar link to the left of each page. 4: edit your coupon/promotion any time.

What we have created has taken over two (2) years to come to this stage and thousands and thousands of hours and investment well spent. Now we are so happy and grateful to be able to provide consumers and businesses alike to both save money and help each other out interacting and building lasting business to consumer relationships where everyone wins!

Our unique program has the ability to build and load a promotion literally within minutes*, giving a business the ability to save on expensive printing and mailing, peace of mind to know that your promotion doesn't actually end up on the side of the street, recycling bins or worst of all in the garbage, but is actually getting into the hands and in front of the eyes of paying clients where they can eagerly and quickly use your promotions and coupons right away and/or share it with friends, family and co-workers. Easy to use and it works!

Online Promotions start as low as $97/month minimum three (3) months. Reg: $147/month. Three (3) FREE month for new accounts when you sign up for 6 months or refer a new client and get a free month Six (6) FREE months for new accounts when you sign up for 1 year or refer a new client and get one (1) FREE month

Membership setup fees includes: Access to your private membership page for a period of one (1) year from the day you sign up and make your payment. (All accounts and prices are based on advance payment). You may close your account at anytime. Please keep in mind we do not save any data from accounts which are closed or inactive for more than 6 months.

*Note: These special introductory promotional prices are subject to change at any time and can be withdrawn without notice.
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